The Cabinet - sometimes referred to as the case of the piano, requires preparation before entering into the refinishing process. We are one of very few piano refinishing shops that are permitted and licensed to be able to strip a piano down to the original factory wood veneer some of the most high-end piano manufacturers find it critical. Read more to understand why...

Though we have worked with a number of customers and artists throughout the nation. We'd like to take the time to recognize just a few California-based locals we have had the opportunity to work with.


When utilizing such a fascinating instrument, rebuilding and regulating your piano can make a World of difference. Your piano will feel much like it did when first received from the manufacturer or upgraded to keep up with your expertise. The best time to have your piano worked on is during the refinishing process; this allows the technician to address issues that in-home rebuilds would not permit. Need a piano tuner or technician we utilize 88 KEYS USA.




We offer a series of customized and restored bespoke pianos; designed in-house using original factory-certified parts and rare exotic wood veneer. We meticulously ensure each instrument is individually accommodated.

Reaching the consumer: Staying true to our foundation! 



In the future, we will document the extensive process of piano refinishing and rebuilding. Our line of work requires an enormous amount of time and energy; not accomplished through shortcuts or machinery. It’s all hands-on. Our goal is to utilize hand-crafted techniques to restore and stage old and unique instruments back in the spotlight to be admired and appreciated; by generations to come.

Preserving Music
One key at a time... 


We provide our customers with color samples either when visiting our facilities or have them sent directly to make a design decision in the comfort of your own home. The process consists of selecting your case color, for example, your traditional Steinway & Sons Ebony Hand Rub Satin or something more extreme like a client that had us matching it to his deep red Lamborghini sports car. Be distinguished find a unique color to fit your décor. 


Depending on your selected design direction, you will have the option to customize your finish. For example, High gloss polyester provides a (polyester base) - pores closed in 100%, Matte finish provides gloss intensity: 30% or 60%. Your piano is sent through a back-to-back cycle of building and sanding of material to ensure the finest refinish is obtainable.




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